Last updated: September 17th 2019


Belarus became a Party to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on December 7, 2005.

Smoke Free Places

Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas in a list of places, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions, cultural facilities, sports facilities, shops and consumer services facilities, catering facilities (except those selling tobacco), government facilities, public transport and public transport facilities.

Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship

Many forms of advertising and promotion are prohibited, including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, other print media, internet and internet sales, and outdoor advertising. Tobacco sponsorship is allowed. However, it is unclear whether certain types of publicity of tobacco sponsorship are prohibited under the law.

Tobacco Packaging and Labeling

For cigarette packages, rotating health warnings must occupy 30 percent of the two principal display areas. The law does not require health warnings for smoked tobacco products other than cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products. Misleading packaging and labeling, including terms such as “light” and “low tar” and other signs, is prohibited with the exception for the use of trademarks registered in Belarus before July 2008. Belarus, as part of the Eurasian Economic Union, has adopted stricter regulations on tobacco product packaging and labeling, which will fully enter into force on November 15, 2017.

Roadmap to Tobacco Control Legislation

Presidential Decree No. 28 of December 17, 2002 is the primary law in Belarus regulating the production, distribution, and consumption of tobacco products. It is the only piece of legislation that regulates smoking in public places. It also authorizes the issuance of regulations on tobacco advertising and requires health warnings on tobacco packaging. Decree No. 28 of 2002 has been amended many times, most recently by Presidential Decree No. 2 of 2015.

Ministry of Health Ruling No. 111 implements restrictions on smoking in public places. Ministry of Internal Affairs Order No. 174 of 2000 prohibits smoking in non-smoking areas of prisons.

The Law on Advertising regulates advertising generally in Belarus. Article 17 specifically regulates tobacco advertising. It has been amended several times, most recently in July 2015.

GOST 3935-2000 establishes inter-state regulations on packaging and labeling of cigarettes adopted by the Inter-State Council on Standardization, Metrology and Certification. These standards were adopted by and apply in 11 countries, including Belarus. GOST 3935-2000 has been amended several times, most recently by Amendment No. 4 in December 2008. Decree No. 450 of 2010 requires a license for the production and wholesale or retail trade of tobacco.

Ministry of Internal Affairs Resolution No. 47 of 2010 authorizes the Ministry of Internal Affairs to enforce all tobacco control legislation. The Code of Administrative Offences contains penalties for administrative offenses including smoking in public places and violations of tobacco advertising and promotion provisions.

Review Status

This country’s legal measures were reviewed by our legal staff in consultation with in-country lawyers or tobacco control experts.