Tobacco Control Policy Fact Sheet

Taiwan: Packaging & Labeling

Health Warnings/Messages Features

Smoked Tobacco Products
Type of Warnings Pictures (Photos), Text Warnings/Messages
On front and back of packages Yes
% of principal display areas covered 35
Rotation required? Yes
Number of messages 8

Smokeless Tobacco Products
Type of Warnings
% of principal display areas covered 0
Rotation required? No
Number of messages N/A

Definitions of Key Terms - Alignment with the FCTC and its guidelines

Does Not Align
Tobacco Product Yes
Outside Packaging and Labeling Yes


Manufacturer Yes
Importer Yes
Wholesaler Yes
Retailer Yes

Other Packaging and Labeling Requirements

Warnings on unit packaging and labeling (e.g. packs) Yes
Warnings on outside packaging and labeling (e.g. cartons) Yes
Warning texts iin the principal language(s) of the country Yes
Warnings may not be placed where they may be concealed or damaged when opening the pack Yes
Tax stamps or other required markings may not be placed where they may conceal warnings Yes
Qualitative (descriptive) constituents and emissions disclosures Yes
Ban on display of figures for emission yields (including tar, nicotine, etc.) Yes
Plain or standardized packaging Yes
Prohibition on misleading packaging and labeling Yes

Content of the Warnings/Messages

Health impacts Yes
Advice on cessation Yes
The addictive nature of tobacco Yes
Adverse economic and social outcomes Yes
The impact of tobacco use on friends and family Yes
A quitline phone number Yes

Last updated: February 17, 2021