Red PaPaz v. Rappi S.A.S

On December 2, 2019, the Colombian Association of Fathers and Mothers – Red PaPaz, filed a claim before the Colombian Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) against Rappi S.A.S (Rappi), a Colombian on-demand delivery online company, for the lack of mechanisms on Rappi's e-commerce website and mobile app to ensure that minors do not search and buy harmful products through them (such as alcohol and tobacco products). Specifically, the complaint alleged that minors could access, purchase and receive alcoholic beverages and tobacco products through Rappi's website without any significant limitations and without their age being verified at the time of purchase and delivery. This lack of protective measures violated the norms for the protection of minors established in Colombia's Law No. 1801-2016, Childhood and Adolescence Law. The complaint filed by Red PaPaz was investigated jointly, with many additional complaints filed by Colombian consumers against Rappi due to a series of infringements of the Colombian Consumer Protection Law. Upon completing the investigation, the SIC verified each of the infractions reported by Red PaPaz and several other consumers and determined to fine Rappi approximately $312,000.00 USD ($1,245,000,000.00 Colombian pesos). The decision has been challenged by Rappi.